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What You Should Know About Radiators

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 Many automotive repair centers will advise you either
REPAIR, REPLACE OR RECORE your existing radiator.

   The repercussions for not installing a brand new radiator can be costly. Please read through the following explanations of why repairing, replacing or recoring your existing radiator does not compete with purchasing a brand new radiator.


Most standard radiator components are bonded with solder, which can deteriorate and corrode. Today's emission standards require higher engine temperatures, which increase radiator contraction and expansion. These factors can lead to failures causing costly engine and transmission damage. Early attention can save money, but repairing may only be a short-term solution to a long term problem.

Even a skilled technician can't work miracles on a radiator that's severely corroded or damaged. The only solution is a new radiator, and the best solution is an all-new Modine complete radiator. Built to meet or exceed original equipment standards, all-new Modine complete radiators give you the assurance of long-lasting performance and efficiency. They're completely new, designed for your engine and performance needs, fit perfectly, install quickly and easily. And they carry a limited 12-month factory warranty.
Extensive problems may call for a new Modine core to bring your radiator back to efficient operating conditions, Recoring uses your old tanks, brackets and transmission oil cooler. Although your new Modine core carries a limited 6-month factory warranty, the reused parts cannot be factory warranted against failure.